Welcome to the world of languages!

feathered_quill_and_glassesIHLAMUR Translation and Publication Services is an initiative in translation business to provide services for national and international clients. We provide language-related services including translation, interpretation, localization, editing, proofreading from Italian and English into Turkish.





In today's world dominated by knowledge, we are in search of establishing an unnoticeable bridge between multinational parties, as if they are listening or reading in their own languages. In search of quality, we endeavor to sharpen our skills and increase our competitive power to provide clients with smooth business solutions.





IHLAMUR Çeviri ve Yayıncılık Hizmetleri - Ankara, Türkiye - T. +90 312 284 3993 F. +90 312 285 3199 G. +90 533 647 2699 - info(at)